Leadership Excellence

A young company that offers innovative services in the field of electromobility and was founded as part of a joint venture between automotive groups is in the scale-up phase – with the usual aches and pains of growing up. The management team was expanded with the arrival of new shareholders. Shareholders are pushing for growth while at the same time achieving break-even in the near future. The number of employees rises sharply.

Transformation of a financial organization

The approximately 2,000 employees of the finance organization of a large specialty chemicals group are to work in a more digital and agile manner and across organizational silo boundaries in order to deal with increasingly complex challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Clarity for the team mission

The HR department of a large, internationally active chemical group is striving to establish sustainable working methods worldwide. A small, international team was set up for this purpose.

Leadership development – remote

The IT department of a large global specialty chemicals company wants to support its managers in developing an agile and co-creative management style.

Team development without borders

The cross-company co-innovation team of a Finnish-German steel group and a leading American software manufacturer wants to use digital technologies to make numerous processes in steel production more efficient and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions.