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Task definition

The cross-company co-innovation team of a Finnish-German steel group and a leading American software manufacturer wants to use digital technologies to make numerous processes in steel production more efficient and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

We support the team, which comes from different corporate cultures, in growing together and developing effective working methods.

Our approach

Personal interviews & shadowing

In short individual interviews with the team members of both organizations, we record the current status of the collaboration and identify challenges. By building trust, we created a solid basis for further cooperation. We then accompanied team meetings on site in Northern Finland, provided valuable input and evaluated our observations.

The clustered core statements from the interviews and our observations from the shadowing were presented anonymously to the team and management. Together we decided how to proceed.

Analysis with Human Synergistics

With our partner Human Synergistics , we offer the team an opportunity to analyze and evaluate teamwork in a scientifically sound manner.

Team development and vision workshop

Based on the findings from the interviews, shadowing and human synergistics analysis, we facilitate workshops in which the team and management develop strategies to improve collaboration.


Team development of a mixed team from two different organizations


Steel production & IT

Mode of operation

Interviews, on-site shadow coaching, human synergistics analysis, online team development and vision workshops

Period of time

January to May 2021

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