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Task definition

The HR department of a large, internationally active chemical group is striving to establish sustainable working methods worldwide. A small, international team was set up for this purpose.

The challenges

  1. The specific mandate for the team is unclear for all those involved – and therefore also the question what this department is supposed to achieve As the team consists of only a few full-time employees, the many and very different requests have to be prioritized.
  2. The team has not yet been able to get to know each other personally – partly due to the pandemic – which makes the team-building process more difficult.

Our approach

Customer-oriented strategy with the "Team Clarity Canvas"

The assignment was clarified and the desired outcome defined in short (remote) workshops.

We then supported and accompanied the team in a series of remote workshops to create their Team Clarity Cavas.

  1. Stakeholder analysis:
    First, the most important stakeholders were identified and interviewed. The results were evaluated using empathy maps to identify needs and expectations.
  2. Onsite workshop:
    Based on the identified customer needs and taking into account the team’s capacities, a concrete value proposition and the team mission statement were formulated. Today, this serves as a north star for the team and creates clarity about the team’s role within the organization.
Iterative team building process

With the start of winter and the renewed Covid restrictions, the team building process had to be designed intelligently and remotely. The collaboration with the team was intended to be a profitable experience and took place on two levels:

  1. Clarity and structure: Clear roles and rules of cooperation have been defined. So everyone knows where they stand.
  2. In-depth process work: Based on individual Reiss profiles, each team member was given an “inner map of their own motives” in coaching sessions. This was used in the next team meeting to work on deep-seated patterns and blocking beliefs.


Today, the team has gained clarity about its own offering, both with team members and internal stakeholders. This enables better prioritization of requests and, supported by a clear distribution of roles and tasks, leads to greater satisfaction within the team and among colleagues. Improved collaboration through increased trust enables effective co-creation to develop new solutions.


Team building: development of team mission and value proposition


Specialty Chemicals

Mode of operation

Facilitation of virtual and face-to-face workshops individual coaching sessions, team clarity canvas to determine the internal offer, stakeholder interviews and evaluation of the results with empathy maps, Reiss Profile and analysis

Period of time

Summer 2021 to Q1 2022

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