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Task definition

The IT department of a large global specialty chemicals company wants to support its managers in developing an agile and co-creative management style.

The challenges

  1. The managers are spread around the world and come from different corporate cultures,
  2. There is a lack of a uniform understanding of leadership.

Our approach

Tailor-made instead of off the peg

Numerous initiatives and programs on agility and New Ways of Working already exist within the organization.

The client expressly wishes to dispense with standardized leadership training. Instead, the aim is to develop a concept that builds on existing guidelines and creates a management model that is coherent and sustainable for leaders.

The focus is on the attitude that leaders should develop and demonstrate in the VUCA world. Participants should gain an understanding of the “New Way of Leading” and clearly define their own role and personal approach.

Iterative approach

True to our Appreciate – Orchestrate – Cultivate process, we developed a concept that we finalized iteratively with the client. We then translated this into a training format.

The first run was carried out as a “prototype”. The feedback from the participants was directly incorporated into the further development of the training. We also regularly integrated feedback, internal initiatives, needs and wishes of the participants in the subsequent rounds.

The training was carried out monthly with a group of 10 to 12 participants.

Modules and small learning units instead of full-day events

As this is a global virtual training course, we have opted for two sessions of 5 hours each. An additional pre-call got the participants in the mood for the journey. There were two one-hour pitstops per session, during which participants were able to discuss specific questions or explore topics in greater depth. The pitstops were also open to all previous participants so that a global, trusted network could be created.


The 100 or so leaders in the IT sector now have a common understanding of “New Ways of Leading” and their changed role as leaders. A good network has developed around the globe that supports each other with advice and assistance.

Through their own development, the leaders support the trained facilitators more than before in establishing collaborative working.

Some participants reflected the following back to us:

“It is precisely this random connection with colleagues in other areas that is extremely useful for us in addition to the learning content.”


Virtual leadership training


Specialty chemicals

Mode of operation

Interactive virtual learning formats for leaders, team coaching, repeated mini thought-provoking impulses, collection of methods

Period of time

Summer 2021 – Summer 2022

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