Through empathic sparring Key icon , we unleash your full potential.

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Our work process Process icon consists of the three phases Appreciate, Orchestrate and Cultivate Cultivate icon , which are run through several times in an iterative approach.


Our Work Process


Every task needs a toolbox Toolbox icon tailored to its needs


Our Work Process


We assume that transformation takes place on three levels: on the individual level (me) Person icon, the interpersonal level (team) Team icon and the organizational level (org) Skyscraper icon.

For a holistic transformation to succeed, development must take place on all three levels. Individuals must be given the opportunity to recognize that change is personally rewarding for them. This way, they can (re)discover and strengthen their curiosity about the future and their will to shape it. Teams learn that it’s not enough to work together on substantive issues, but that it is equally important to agree on HOW to work together and to get to know each other on a personal level. Finally, the organisation needs to recognise that in a world of uncertainty and complexity (VUCA), rapid iterative experimentation and co-creative collaboration work better than hierarchical chains of command and long-term plans.


Example Methods

9 Levels Levels icon Storytelling Storytelling icon Kanban Trend Analysis Trend Analysis Icon Idea Development Scrum Icon Scrum Team Effectiveness icon Team Effectiveness Journey Mapping icon Journey Mapping Scenarios icon Scenarios Micro Moves icon Micro Moves Systems Thinking icon Systems Thinking Design Thinking icon Design Thinking Culture Hacks icon Culture Hacks Gamestorming Icon Gamestorming OKR icon OKR Flag icon