Transformation Designers shape the future from the present

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Why do we need designers here?

Design goes far beyond the visual aspect. It is about the people-oriented design of processes and products. Transformation designers are indispensable in transformation processes!
Transformation designers act as choreographers and directors of transformation processes:
  • Together with the relevant stakeholders, they develop a vision for the future,
  • create the transformation story and
  • shape the entire process.
  • They coordinate all those involved and act as mentors and supervisors for the transformation facilitators and employees.

As drivers and supporters of the transformation, they know how to involve stakeholders at all levels. They accompany all those involved in a transformation through all the highs and lows. In this way, they create a real movement so that the desired changes in the organization become alive.

In our program, transformation designers develop both the necessary skills and their own attitude.

We currently offer this training exclusively as an “in-house” program. Interested?


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