We infect our clients with insatiable curiosity and whet their appetite for the future

mermaid & broccoli

In the interplay of our three expertise, co-creation , leadership development and communication, we constantly create something new. In this way, we enable our clients to shape the future of their organization selbst zu themselves.

In our cooperation, we experience that something special is created, when we bring together our different perspectives, and know-how from diverse disciplines. Together with our clients, we develop solutions to a wide range of problems. We help them navigate through unfamiliar, and often difficult situations. In doing so, we work with our clients to create the basis for a successful future, and to shape the path themselves.


New challenges require new solutions . The orientation towards Best Practices no longer works.


We are united by the conviction that a transformation can only succeed, if one does not limit oneself exclusively to teaching skills and tools, but also considers the mindset and internal attitude of the people . That’s why we founded mermaid & broccoli with the aim of creating tangible and sustainable change in people, teams, and organisations. With the right mix of lightness and seriousness, mindfulness, and goal orientation.


We accompany, coach and train.

Let us convince you of our performance.

We accompany you
as coaches and navigators,
remotely or on site.

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