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Every change needs people in the organization to shape and support it. To this end, we have designed three development programs aimed at the key players in any transformation.

Three roles for successful transformation:

  • Transformation designers shape and choreograph change
  • Leaders set an example and promote the development of their teams
  • Transformation Facilitators methodically accompany change processes and help leaders, employees and teams to develop new approaches and skills.

Our programs are no ordinary training courses, but genuine, personal development journeys with experiential impulses for the participants. This is how we create a community and start a movement for everyone involved.

What makes our learning journeys special?

Our learning concept is versatile and adapted to the needs of the participants. It combines asynchronous learning phases with flexible, self-directed learning opportunities and live workshops that enable interactive and direct experiences.

You learn individually & together!

m&b-moderated live sessions enable collaborative learning, experimentation, and lively exchange of experiences. In small groups, tasks are collaboratively tackled and learning is reflected upon. m&b-moderated live sessions enable collaborative learning, experimentation, and lively exchange of experiences.

Learning takes place asynchronously & simultaneously!

  • Participants can find all content on the m&b learning portal – anytime and anywhere.
  • You will receive inspiring input in the form of videos, texts, presentations and curated finds.
  • Exercises deepen what you have learned and encourage you to dive in and keep at it.
  • Online or remote live sessions bring the participants together. In addition to the exchange, this creates a stable network
  • In regular one-hour pit stops, we deal with the specific questions of the participants. They fit perfectly into our hectic everyday lives and offer a further opportunity for exchange and consolidation.

The m&b learning portal supports you!

Our learning portal is available in German and English for your organization to  learn about the same methods and develop the same leadership language – even across borders.


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