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In the Facilitator Program, we equip you with the necessary skills and experience to accompany complex projects - such as transformation and change processes.

You will learn how to

  • guide groups to co-creativity,
  • make meetings and workshops more interactive and effective,
  • initiate and accompany fundamental changes,
  • deal with resistance and
  • take others with you on your journey.

Does this sound familiar?

These results often arise when challenges of all kinds are met with traditional methods. You know that it has to be approached differently.

But how?

Welcome to the “new normal” – welcome to the world of increasing complexity!

Complex problems require different approaches than complicated ones.
Sounds complicated? A little bit, yes. To solve complex problems, you have to co-create new ideas together with others.

This requires not only new methods and tools, but also a new attitude. This cannot be learned and developed overnight, nor is a five-day power seminar with a pinch of star dust enough.

It takes time, staying power and, above all, qualified colleagues who support and anchor the change.

Transformation Facilitators are trained to …

  • introduce and support new methods and tools,
  • guide project members to live and successfully implement new approaches,
  • promote a new way of working in the organization,
  • inspire interested colleagues to develop personally.
As part of the training, the facilitators can try out the “new way of working” in a safe space and gain confidence.

Transformation Facilitators are qualified to shape the handling of complex challenges, to cultivate collaborative ways of working in your organizations and thus create an unstoppable movement.

How does our program manage this?

Learning is like good wine… To enable real development, it takes time – and the opportunity to apply and reflect on what you have learned. We therefore offer you a colorful bouquet of formats and content over a period of approx. 5 months


The topics are geared towards the challenges arising from an increasingly complex world.

We use content, ideas and approaches from various frameworks such as “agile working”, design thinking and systemic approaches from coaching, organizational development and communication.

A few voices about our program

So far, we have trained over 150 Faciliatators around the globe, from Costa Rica to Shanghai, who are bringing this new – or rather different – way of working into their companies and thus contributing to their success.

For organizations

If you would like to qualify an energetic team of Transformation Facilitators in your organization or are simply curious, please contact us. We offer the program in German and English.

For individuals

We now also offer this tried-and-tested format as an open program. There are still spots available in the next group from August 2024.

There are exciting funding opportunities for solo self-employed people and micro-enterprises amounting to 90% of the fees (only available for German residents).


Get in touch with Susanne Schluckebier!

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